Featured Contributor: Jacob Fischer


Have you ever been in the passenger seat of a float plane, hovering over a city skyline? If you haven’t (and aren’t afraid of heights), take a look at Jacob Fischer’s Instagram feed. His feed will give you the exact same chills you’d experience while soaring over the Golden Gate Bridge or the Santa Monica pier at sunset. Jacob is an incredible photographer and has been a fantastic Shutterstock Custom (formerly Flashstock) contributor over the past year, and we couldn't be more excited to learn about his creative process and how he found his passion for aerial photography. 

Photographer: Jacob Fischer
Instagram: @jacob.fischer
Website: jacob-fischer.com

How long have you been shooting on the West Coast?

I have been photographing on the West Coast (California) for over a year and a half now. I am originally born and raised from Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, I decided to move out to Los Angeles, California to pursue photography full-time.

Your photography is stunning! How did you decide on the type of photography you were going to shoot?

My photography has always been influenced by my emotions. How I feel that day, and that transfers over to what I shoot. I felt like I have always had darker shade tones throughout my photography. I enjoy being adventurous in what I shoot and never limit myself.

How did you define what your photography business would be?

I let my emotions bleed through my art. I am a passionate person and enjoy what I do every day. I am adaptable and learn things pretty quickly, allowing me to do so much.

What has been your greatest success as a freelance photographer?

My greatest success in being a freelance photographer has been successfully becoming my own boss and creating a name for myself in this industry.  I have worked on projects with clients like Adidas, Finish Line, and Coca-Cola, but my biggest success is living in Los Angeles, and providing for myself.

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Top 3 things you can’t live without as a photographer. Go!

My Camera, My iPhone, My Friends.

You’ve been a contributor with Shutterstock Custom for almost a year. How did you first get involved with us?

I had some great friends back in Arizona who put my portfolio onto Shutterstock Custom. Throughout the year, I have met and grown relationships within the company. Amazing people!

What have you enjoyed the most about completing projects at FlashStock?

I have enjoyed being creative, being pushed on a creative side to do some cool things. And always a neat opportunity to see your work on big household brands.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year as a photographer?

My biggest lesson that I have learned as a photographer this year is always stay true to who you are. Never try to look at others work to get the upper hand. Continue to perfect your style.

Any advice you can give for photographers interested in growing a social media presence through their photography?

The best advice is to continue to put out content, daily. Collaborate and find opportunities where you can work together. People are always watching.

Just for fun- what is your dream project as a freelance photographer?

I think a dream project would be to work with a car company. Travel around the world and create unique images throughout the countries. But to be honest, I am living the dream. Living in Los Angeles, photography for myself is a dream come true.

Big thanks to Jacob for taking the time to chat with the Shutterstock Custom team. His hard work and dedication to his art inspires our entire creative community, and we can't wait to see what he gets up to next. Be sure to follow Jacob along his next inspiring adventures on his Instagram

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