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What we do

We're looking for out-of-this-world content creators to develop exceptional content that fits our brand's visual needs.


Work with leading brands

We work with leading brands to develop projects that fit their needs and your skills.


Utilizing your creativity, not your influence

Projects are sent based on your talent and visual skills, not on an ability to self market.


An innovation platform


Our platform sends projects based on your skills and situations you have access to.

A team behind you

Our inspired team members are ready to assist you in your growth and success.


Projects based on your visual specialities &
opportunities to grow your skills in others


Select your projects


You accept projects based on the things you already have access to using friends and family in authentic yet inspirational situations.

Projects normally take around an hour or two to shoot; and you only opt in for the assignments you can complete. There’s no commitment when signing up, giving you the creative freedom to select projects based on your interests.


Our technology-driven platform was designed for our creatives and our brands. Eliminating the need to pitch or market yourself to potential clients- we deliver visual projects based on our clients needs.

Our briefs are created according to these client needs, and you use the platform to accept or decline depending on what you are passionate about creating.


We manage the brands



Grow your skills



Here at Shutterstock Custom, our goal is to both nourish our contributors acquired skills, as well as help you obtain new ones. We have systems in place where you can begin to test out other areas of your photography, and receive more projects as a result.

Are you a talented wedding photographer looking to expand into product photography? With our help and evaluation, we can help you achieve that goal.


How to apply to be a Shutterstock Custom contributor



Fill out an application to sign up to apply to become a creative. Fill out your profile clearly and accurately to receive the most accurate categories assigned to you.


Portfolio review

Once you apply, your portfolio goes to our Portfolio Review team for review and to be given categories. You will then be assigned a tier- Network, Preferred or Pro.


Receive projects

Once your portfolio has been approved, you can start receiving access to briefs! These will be sent based on the information you provide in your application.


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