A network of photographers and videographers creating high quality, custom content for global brands.

Welcome to Shutterstock Custom’s
Contributors Community


Photographers, Videographers, and Visual Artists
who create authentic, custom content for global clients


How It Works

We simplify creative briefs for our global brands, allowing photographers and videographers to easily execute the requirements to create branded work. Contributors opt in to the assignments they are both qualified and interested in shooting.

The result?

Enhanced branded visual content that meets our clients marketing needs.


Meet Shutterstock Custom Contributors

Creative artists seeking new opportunities to shoot branded client work.
Storytellers who create authentic, engaging content through their lenses.
Enhancing their professional experience by creating custom content for our clients.

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Who Is Shutterstock Custom

Shutterstock Custom was founded to connect brands with photographers and videographers who can create branded custom content, in a short amount of time. With brands needing to post more visual content online, we work with creatives and clients to create cost-efficient assets that fit a requirement for larger volumes of exclusive content.


Ready to shoot branded content?