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Who Are Shutterstock Custom Contributors?

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A Global Network of Photographers & Videographers

Our network spans all 7 continents, powered by thousands of visual artists worldwide
who are just as passionate about creating exclusive custom content as we are.


Meet Four Shutterstock Custom Contributors


Aaron N.

Hawaii, USA | Landscape & Commercial Photography

"Shutterstock Custom has really helped fuel my career in photography, and has given me the experience to shoot a vast array of subjects. The assignments are a challenge, and make me get out of my comfort zone since my passion is landscape photography. I love it."


Sofia P.

London, UK | Food Photography

"Working with Shutterstock Custom has been an amazing experience. It’s great because every assignment is different, the briefs are very easy to follow and allows me to get really creative. And what’s even better is that I get to produce work for top brands. I’m loving being part of their team!"


Katarina M.

Texas, USA | Portrait & Food Photography

"Shutterstock Custom has provided me with the opportunity to expand my portfolio, grow as a photographer and gain opportunities to work with popular name brands. I'm able to work from home while also pursuing others areas of interest. It's truly a dream come true!"


Ursula A.

London, UK | Portrait & Product Photography

"Working with Shutterstock Custom has been an exciting experience. It has allowed me to work on a huge variety of jobs, so I get the opportunity to explore different areas of photography the more I work. The briefs are always clear and detailed, and the Shutterstock Custom team are always quick to help when I have questions."


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