Introducing: Shutterstock Custom for Contributors


New name, same promise

Providing contributors with opportunities to create exclusive custom content for a global network of leading brands is a consistent goal of ours. Similar to that of a photographer, the visual identity of businesses evolve as they grow and change, seeking to always produce the highest quality.

Today is our turn as we are pleased to announce the launch of Shutterstock Custom, the new name for Flashstock.

Though our name has changed, our promise and commitment to our contributors and clients remains the same. We want to transform the way brands tell their stories with a platform that empowers them to create custom content through a global network of creative talent. Our contributors produce authentic content through a scalable and agile platform, and these are pillars we continue to live by under a new name that better represents our evolution as a leading content company. 



What do Shutterstock Custom contributors do?

Content is at the core of everything a modern-day brand marketer does, and custom content communicates a brand’s unique story in an engaging way. Our contributors work on a variety of motion-format and photography assignments throughout the world to create visual content that reflects the branding, tone, and style of global businesses.

Whether it’s a product shot with logos visible, a specific location or scenario a brand wants a contributor to execute, creating exclusive custom content through Shutterstock Custom assignments is something that allows our contributors to execute a brand's unique story.

The value of Shutterstock Custom for contributors

Shutterstock Custom has revolutionized the traditional content creation process with an innovative solution that pairs a technology-driven platforms with a global network of contributors to produce exclusive custom content that portrays a brand's story. By creating custom content with a brand’s visual identity and marketing objectives as resources for contributors to refer to, they are able to create authentic content that tells the brand's unique story.


Our new hashtag encourages our community to share their unique perspective and photographs with other contributors around the world. By contributing to this hashtag on social media, we'll feature select works on our own accounts as well as features on the Contributor blog. 

Becoming a Shutterstock Custom contributor

To get started as a contributor with Shutterstock Custom, apply here today.

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