Inspiring Middle East Photographers to Know


Incredible photographers have the power to take us to places we never imagined, and allow viewers to experience other cultures through the images they create. We love highlighting the global community of photographers and videographers that make up who we are here at Shutterstock Custom, and our photographers in the Middle East are no exception. These four featured photographers are constantly inspiring us through the visual imagery they create as a part of the Middle East’s creative scene. 

Shani Halevy

Shani - Contributor 3 - Israel.gif

Location: Haifa, Israel
Instagram: @shanica

Israel based photographer Shani Halevy employs her beautifully minimalist style into each photograph she creates. Whether it’s her stunning food work or impactful portraiture- her use of light and color draws her audience in and leaves them wanting more. 

Pyong Sumaria

Location: Dubai, UAE
Instagram: @pyongsss

Pyong is a fantastic lifestyle and landscape photographer based out of Dubai. A photographer constantly on the move, his imagery transports viewers to locals around the globe. You can find his photographs on Instagram by searching and contributing to his #translucidphotos hashtag project. Be prepared to have some serious wanderlust envy.

Fay Magnusson

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Instagram: @faymagnusson

Born in France and now based in Istanbul, portrait photographer Fay Magnusson has lived around the world in awe-inspiring locations including India, Australia, and Turkey. Fay uses her photography as a storytelling method to transport her audience into a photographic preview of who her subjects are, and the connections that bond humans together. 

Ozan Akkaya

Location: Dubai, UAE
Instagram: @kindafolka

Ozan is a master of photographic movement, who captures captivating images of his subjects and inspires us to seek creativity beyond boundaries. Based in Dubai, not only is his personal work stunning but his creative initiative Project Quinary pushes beyond Dubai and into destinations unknown through his “InstaExplorations” project.

We’re constantly inspired by our creative community around the world, and seek to celebrate the breathtaking work that our contributors create both on Shutterstock Custom assignments, and on their own projects. If you’re a photographer or videographer in the Middle East, get in touch. We’re fostering a global community of creative artists seeking new opportunities to pursue their passions.

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