Fostering creative communities: thisopenspace x Shutterstock Custom


thisopenspace and Shutterstock Custom have come together with the unified goal to help creators develop content for the world’s biggest and most unique brands.

Our best work is done when we collaborate with like-minded thought leaders who are fostering creative communities. It’s with this thought in mind that we are thrilled to announce our location services partnership with thisopenspace. Together, we are unified with one goal in mind; to provide creatives with the best resources possible to create exclusive custom content for the world’s biggest brands. Through this exciting partnership, our creatives will have preferred access to thisopenspace’s catalog of spaces for their assignments and shoots with Shutterstock Custom.


thisopenspace was inspired by brands and the creative people behind them, with a mission to make it easy for any client to access any space, anywhere, from an hour to a few months. Through our recent work with thisopenspace on a variety of space rentals for our custom content needs, our on-shoot locations have never been stronger through the use of their beautiful, design-focused spaces. The places where thisopenspace can take our creatives work is expansive, and we’re pleased to combine our shared vision to provide creatives the resources they need to effectively create content.

We can’t wait to see what our contributors accomplish by utilizing thisopenspace.

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- The Shutterstock Custom Contributor Community Team