10 featured contributors: food & drink


We love highlighting our incredible community of contributors here at Shutterstock Custom, so every month we highlight 10 contributors who are blowing our minds! 
This month’s 10 contributors are incredible creatives that specialize in Food & Drink. Shutterstock Custom contributors work on a multitude of diverse projects through our platform with our global network of clients, and their work always astounds us. These featured creatives have enhanced our community with their creativity, passion and skills to be successful content creators. 

10 Incredible Food & Drink Contributors

Joanie S, Arizona USA

Bold and plentiful, Joanie combines her food pallet and sparky style to create meals that are drool-wothy. Whether it’s breakfast sandwiches or artisan burgers, Joanie brings fresh new life to everything she creates in her kitchen for her, her family, and her clients.

Sofia p, London UK

Sofia’s bright and colorful food paired with minimal backgrounds and stunning cutlery choices make her an obvious choice for this feature. Simple styling and great uses of linen accents are awe-inspiring for every food photographer interested in upping their propping game.

Nathan P, Kentucky USA

The photographs he creates are artisanal and timeless, with innovative ingredients that pop on his unique style of photography. We particularly love his use of salt and pepper, always seeming prominent on the food he photographs. A true garnish master.

Amanda W, Missouri USA

Amanda’s light and airy photography style continues to take our breath away. Simple white backdrops and minimal propping let her pretty pictures pop on her Instagram and portfolio. Our favourite? Her divinely perfect cocktails and adorable pastries.

Anastasia T, maryland USA

With a bold contrast on white backdrops, Anastasiia lets the ingredients take the front stage with her stunningly beautiful photographs. An artful placement of a hand and human element adds to her work, making you want to be in that moment (enjoying that food, obviously!)

Margarita G, New York USA

Her baked goods made with healthy ingredients look heavenly, and they photograph oh so wonderfully. With an artful placement against contrasting backgrounds, her photographs let the food speak for itself.

Andrea h, ontario canada

Andrea’s dream-worthy Instagram is a photographers dream, her style effortlessly simple and stunningly beautiful. Andrea’s a photographer that reminds us that sometimes, less is more and composing your work with passion will let the beauty of what you photograph shine through.

katerina S, new jersey usa

A plant-based foodie, Katerina is changing the way we see Vegans around the world. Spring rolls will never be the same once you see her take on them. She features recipes on her blog, with a bold photography style that makes you wish summer would last forever.

Kim D, Georgia USA

Kim, a long time Shutterstock Custom favorite, puts passion into every photograph she makes. With her fantastic styling, and bright, upbeat personality- Kim is a true foodie professional. She’s not only great at food- her perfectly crafted seasonal cocktails look incredibly delicious!

Reuben B, sendai japan

His folk and authentic take on food photography is fresh and unique. Reuben combines this style with fusion asian cooking from his life in Japan to craft an Instagram made of international dreams. We especially love his simple use of cutting board backgrounds and table-tops!


These highlighted 10 photographers have shown exceptional craftsmanship to the content they create for our clients, and we appreciate the work they create outside of Shutterstock Custom. Here at Shutterstock Custom, we are fostering a global community of creatives whose passion is just that- creating creative content.

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