Featured contributor: Maddy Corbin


Photography? Social Media? Fine Art? Deciding on a creative career path was Maddy’s toughest decision before starting her blog and beautifully curated Instagram account. Maddy started her journey as a creative by growing her Instagram; posting beautiful and inspiration creative content which eventually led to her starting a blog. Over the past few years, Maddy’s social media presence has grown significantly and organically, providing her with various opportunities as a creative influencer.  

When did you start freelancing?
I started freelancing a few years back, although just recently decided to take it full-time.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
I haven’t always wanted to be a photographer per say, but as a kid I always told my parents I would grow up to be an artists of some form. Photography was just a step in the process.

How did you define what your photography business would be?
I try to keep my photography in the realm of what I feel inspired by most currently, this helps me keeps things fresh and flexible across multiple form of photography.

What has been your greatest success as a freelance photographer?
My greatest success as a freelancer was realizing the potential that self-branding holds and how much it can really excel you in the industry. Alongside getting to be your own boss - that is pretty nice too!

Top 3 things you can’t live without as a photographer. Go!
My iPhone, Canon DSLR, some good-ol natural light.

You’ve been a contributor with Shutterstock Custom for almost a year. How did you first get involved with us?
I found Shutterstock Custom through Instagram on behalf of Elaine who reached out to me!

What have you enjoyed the most about completing projects at Shutterstock Custom?
I have enjoyed getting to work with so many amazing brands and companies through Shutterstock Custom. It would have taken me such a long time to obtain jobs with this big name retailers, but going through Shutterstock Custom has given me amazing opportunities I couldn’t be more thankful for.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?
The biggest lesson I have learned about photography would have to be that you have to be able to comfortable. Whether it pertains to your subject, or lighting, or camera. The minute you feel uncomfortable, unconfident, or doubt begins to rise, it will show in your work. Remember - you’re a photographer, you make some damn good content, let that show!

Any advice you can give for first time freelancers?
The biggest advice I could give to first time freelancers is to GO FOR IT. So many companies, brands, influencers, need content or someone to help obtain them that content and you are the golden card in the situation. We live in a day and age that thrives off of individual, freelancing, creatives and the minute you hold back or don’t put yourself out there, you diminish your chances greatly. Just go for it!

Just for fun- what is your dream project as a freelance photographer!
My dream job as a freelancer is just getting to work with a ton of amazing brands and companies, plain and simple. I love getting to know each brand on its own and getting to be a part of something bigger for a little bit. It gives you a taste for who they are and what they represent, and pushes so many amazing connections for the future. 

We are so inspired by Maddy’s lifestyle photography, and how she has turned her social media success into a business; working as a freelancer and constantly exploring new opportunities! We’re very grateful to have her as a contributor with Shutterstock Custom and we’re excited to see where this girl on the (creative) move goes next.

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