How to Multitask and take on more Photography Projects


Time management is not everyones strong suit. As freelance and independent content creators, sometimes time management can be an especially difficult skill to obtain. When at times, you never know when the next contract is going to come in- we can often find ourselves taking on more than we can handle. However, feeling overworked and exhausted when your tasks start to pile up doesn’t have to happen as often as you might think. With Shutterstock Custom assignments, you might find yourself at times taking on more than one assignment.

That’s why we’re sharing some time management and multitasking strategies that you can implement as independent freelancers and contract photographers. Here are some ways you can get better control of your schedule, and manage all your projects effectively. 


Take projects you are passionate about, and fit in extra where you can.

Multitasking isn’t about taking on as much as possible and managing your schedule effectively. Sometimes, you need to prioritize the kind of projects you want to commit to. By taking on projects you are passionate about, you will be more motivated to find the time to complete them. Taking on challenges is fantastic when you have a bit more flexible time, but you don’t always feel as motivated to complete them as you would if you were passionate about something.’


Set working hours, and schedule them as you accept new projects

A lot of freelance photographers work from home, which can be awesome for having flexible working hours. However, if you are working on multiple projects at once- you might want to consider setting some working hours during your week. Holding yourself accountable to working on projects during those hours is a great way to keep yourself on track to complete them. If you are going to accept a new Shutterstock Custom assignment, estimate how much time you think it’ll take you to complete, and schedule a time that works before the deadline in your calendar before you commit to the project. That way, you know you have the blocked time to complete a new project, without missing any deadlines.


Prioritize your tasks based on deadlines

Some projects will be more open than others, so ensure that the ones that have a deadline approaching are prioritized over the ones that aren’t. On occasion, your going to need to buckle down and get projects done even when you have other ones that seem more fun or easier to complete. But your professional behavior Is one of the top things you should protect as a freelancer, so ensure you prioritize deadlines when necessary.  


We hope that these tips will help you manage your time to improve your workflow and allow you to focus on the tasks you need to prioritize. Be consistent, and on top of your schedule. Maintaining a great relationship with your clients is pivotal to growth. Any tips on multitasking? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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