How to: use client work in your portfolio


A well-designed website can be a freelance photographer or videographer’s secret weapon. By positioning your client work in an elevated matter on your website, you drive new clients straight to your email inbox. Using your website effectively to display client work is a tool every freelancer should know how to do well, so we’ve drafted a few top tips on how to display client work in your Portfolio. At Shutterstock Custom, for example, there are certain rules and legalities into how you can post Shutterstock Custom client work on your websites.

We asked Kristina Ruddick, a photographer at Shutterstock Custom, what her top tips were for posting client photographs on her website.

Follow the brands you shoot for!
For Shutterstock Custom clients, you can only share content online that was actually published by the brand, you want to make sure you follow their social channels! It’s an exciting time when you finally get to see your images used by the brand online! For the clients you have outside of Shutterstock Custom, following the brands you shoot for is a great way to collect engagement with the posts and see what their audience thinks of your work.

Screenshot and Repost!
When you come across your content being used, screenshot! You have a choice of using the original image in your portfolio (only if already posted by the brand) or a screenshot of the content being used on the brands channel! Reposting an Instagram or Re-tweeting a tweet is a great way to share your work being used by the brand in real time! Alternatively, you can always use the full resolution images depending on the setup of your website and how you’d like to display your work. 

Be selective!
If a brand uses multiple shots from your campaign- (thats awesome!)- but be selective and choose to only highlight the ones in your portfolio that show variety and your strengths as a photographer. 

Feel free to clearly display which brands you have shot for, but remember to ALWAYS include the tag “Campaign shot with Shutterstock Custom” for all Shutterstock Custom client work. This is a requirement when posting any content shot under Shutterstock Custom. For client work outside of Shutterstock Custom, ensure you follow the rules you’ve set in place with your legal contracts with the brands.

Don’t Worry!
If a brand hasn’t used your content yet, don’t be concerned. Every brand has a different scheduling timeline for when they use the content Shutterstock Custom has provided, so stay on the lookout and keep shooting!

Having a website that displays your content effectively will continue to attract top-quality clients to your work. Always keep in mind the legal bounds that you have to meet before you post, and use these tips to make your website a client-magnet. A well-designed website will present yourself as the best option when clients are trying to solve a problem.

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