How to Get More Assignments with Shutterstock Custom


Note: This article is primarily material for current Shutterstock Custom contributors.
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As professional photographers and videographers, you want to maximize every opportunity you receive. Whether that’s maintaining great client relationships, working on long-term campaigns, or being hired repeatedly by the same client because they love working for you- these factors all directly attribute to your visual business being successful.

For Shutterstock Custom contributors, our team wants to empower you to maximize your potential and shoot assignments that help you achieve your professional goals. In this article, we are sharing some top tips on how to get more assignments as Shutterstock Custom contributors.

Keep your Shutterstock Custom profile updated

Your Shutterstock Custom profile is the first thing that Project Coordinator’s see when they are determining whether or not you’d be a good fit for a project, so keep it up to date. If you have any additional websites, portfolios, or other work that you’d like to show our team- make sure it’s on there so we can see what genres you’d be great to shoot in.

Add tags and categories to your profile

Your tags and categories tell our team the things that you have access to, so keep them up-to-date. You can change these by logging into your profile. Make sure these are accurate when you input them, as the assignment opportunities you receive may be based on the tags you input. If you're a landscape photographer interested in shooting more product photography, you can add the product photography category into your profile for portfolio evaluation. Our team will review your website and portfolio, ensure you have adequate product experience displayed, and certify you to be a photographer or videographer in that category. 

Be a professional clients love working with

Your experience with each project matters, and how you conduct your responsibilities when you accept an assignment can impact the amount of assignments you receive. Deliver your content within the agreed deadlines, and communicate with the Project Coordinator throughout the assignment. Read this article for more tips on how to conduct yourself professionally and impress clients on shoot. 

We love seeing our contributor community grow, and are so excited to be a part of that process. The photographers and videographers who we work with here at Shutterstock Custom continue to impress us beyond belief, and our goal is to help you achieve your goals and increase your opportunities to shoot for global clients. 

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