Featured contributor: Jeremy Pawlowski


If you’re into road trips (the kind that involve a vehicle full of friends, a partner who's also a photographer, and cute dogs)- then you’ll love following along on Jeremy’s adventures. We were first introduced to Jeremy while he lived in Austin, Texas a few years back, and since then we’ve had the privilege of tuning into his newest venture: life on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. No matter where you find Jeremy, he has an incredible ability to capture laughter, movement, and a contagious sense of adventure that dares you to immediately get in your vehicle and hit the road. For those of us that can’t pick up and go at this second, check out Jeremy’s thoughts and images below as a Shutterstock Custom contributor and incredible photographer.

Photographer: Jeremy Pawlowski
Instagram: @americayall & @eatsportland
Website: eatsamerica.work

When did you start freelancing?

I started doing small freelance projects here and there about 3 years ago while still working a regular 9 to 5 job. About a year ago, I finally made the leap into full-time freelance.

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

I went to school for video production and thought that was the career path I was going to follow. After doing that for a few years in Philadelphia I moved to Austin, Texas where I started taking photos on all the camping trips I was going on. This was really the catalyst to pursuing photography as a job.

How did you define what your photography business would be?

Honestly, I think I'm still in the process of doing that. At this point I'm still taking on any and all opportunities that come my way, but as I gain more experience as a freelancer I'll be able to focus more on a specific direction.

What has been your greatest success as a freelance photographer?

I've been working with the Travel Channel for the past 3 years contributing both articles on photographs to their website. The ongoing relationship with such a massive name has been amazing and they've given me the freedom to shoot the projects I want.

Top 3 things you can’t live without as a photographer.

  1. My Olympus Pen-F micro four thirds camera. People may tell you that you can't get by without a full frame camera, but I've shot exclusively with this tiny camera for the past 2 years.
  2. A Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. I don't shoot jobs with this lens, but anytime I'm traveling this is the only lens I bring. It's small and when you slap it on an already tiny Olympus camera you don't look like a typical "tourist" toting around a giant camera and lens.
  3. My 1994 Dodge Dakota. A crappy old truck that just won't die, but it gets me to all my shoots!

You’ve been a contributor with Shutterstock Custom for a while. How did you first get involved with us?

My girlfriend, Lauren, started shooting for Shutterstock Custom and told me I should check it out!

What have you enjoyed the most about completing projects at Shutterstock Custom?

The best part about shooting for Shutterstock Custom is the ability to grow as a photographer while working with big name brands. When I first shooting, I had no idea how to shoot products or food. Over the past year my skills have progressed and now those are my favorite things to shoot!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?

To trust in my abilities and push myself just a little bit each time I take on a job; it's the only way to grow!

Any advice you can give for first-time freelancers?

Don't work for free. 

Just for fun- what is your dream project as a freelance photographer!

At this point I've really taken to food photography. I think a dream project would be shooting some Portland restaurants for Bon Appetit!

We look forward to seeing what Jeremy conquers next, whether that be cliff jumping off the tallest ledge, or conquering Portland’s food photography industry (because we know he will!) Thank you for gracing us with your adventurous spirit Jeremy, we can’t wait to follow along on your next venture! 

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