8 Photographers in Australia You Need to Know


A country home to some of the most picturesque coastlines in the world, Australia deserves to be on your photo bucket list. A diverse landscape filled with desert, beaches, quaint towns, and epic city skylines- you'll never run out of things to photograph in this unique area of the world.

Being a photographer in Australia means having access to places people dream of traveling to. And although the land is the initial call, the people and culture that make up Australia are just as fascinating. Australia is filled to the brim with talent, from fashion photographers to commercial photographers- the creativity that comes out of this beautiful country continues to both inspire and impress our team. We’re featuring 8 photographers and Shutterstock Custom contributors based in Australia, and sharing a peek into the stunning work that they create. Here are 8 photographers in Australia you need to know.

Raúl Ortiz de Lejarazu Machin | @ruliphotoart


Although what originally attracted our team to Raúl’s portfolio was his automotive work, his work with light and simple compositions is what keeps us coming back. His portfolio and Instagram is filled with stunning imagery that continues to captivate us. Your eye instantly finds the focus of the photograph in Raúl’s work, causing you to be enamoured with each individual part that makes up his photo's frame. 

Nancy Da Campo | @_nancy0_0

Nancy Da Campo Photography2.jpg

Travel and architecture photographer Nancy’s incredible use of line and direction to frame her images pulls the viewer in, leaving them always wanting more. Whether it’s her shadow work on interior structures, or a stunning aerial landscape- you view Nancy’s work as almost a painting in the way that she captures inanimate objects. If you’re looking to be inspired to shoot architecture, look no further than Nancy Da Campo.

Blake Lisk | @blakeliskphoto

IMG_6734 copy.jpg

Blake’s moody images create a unique sense of calm that allows his images to stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a rolling hill with a storm approaching over the horizon, or a portrait darkly lit by a cloudy sky- Blake employs his own style into every image he creates, creating a portfolio of work that is truly breathtaking.

Mary Osk | @mary.osk

untitled (549 of 560)-3.jpg

Sydney-based Mary Osk is always on the go, photographing stunning areas of our beautiful world through her profession as a travel photographer. Her dream-like colorful landscapes are an instant escape into a place that is so stunning, it seems like it can’t possibly be real. Whether she’s photographing at home in Australia, or on-location around the world, Mary’s images will captivate you with impossibly beautiful tones and colors.

Gabi Mulder | @gabimulder


Through her beautiful photographs, longtime Shutterstock Custom contributor Gabi gives a glimpse into a well-curated lifestyle of beautiful beaches, gorgeous homes, and happy sun-soaked models through every image she creates. Whether she’s photographing models on campaign at a coastal beach, or capturing a landscape in between takes- count on Gabi to always leave you wanderlust for an Australian adventure.

Elaine Li | @lielaine


We’re going to be the ones to say it- Elaine Li is a tone queen. Her edits and images dazzle our team, whether she’s photographing a model in a glimpse of light, or the sun setting over an epic horizon- she knows her stuff. Count on Elaine to take you on a trip through her photographs, she’s a master at capturing unique details in her surroundings while she shoots models and locations around the globe.

Livia Chamelle | @chamellephoto


Travel lifestyle and fashion photographer Livia Chamelle really looks like she’s in a fairytale life. Her super cute and extremely well done pastel photographs make her Instagram feed instantly unique, and leave you wanting to either ask her photography tips, or be her friend! We love being transported into moments in Livia’s imagery and always look forward to the beautiful work she creates both at Shutterstock Custom and on her work outside.

Lachie Zettl | @lachiezettl

Horses, NSW Australia .jpg

Brisbane-based Lachie is a definite explorer. He’s constantly on an adventure, whether he’s photographing an epic lookout in Australia or travelling to destinations around the globe. The colors of his landscapes take our breath away and we love watching his short videos on his Instagram. Check out Lachie’s work to get inspired to get out there and start going on more weekend adventures.

We hope these photographers based in Australia inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us with the stunning work they’ve created. If you’re a photographer interested in being featured, send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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