10 Photographers in France You Need to Follow


When you think of France, your thoughts might instantly transport you to picture the Eiffel tower at sunset, or wandering through cobblestone streets in search of the perfect Parisian cafe. Maybe you picture a coastal Mediterranean beach, or a picturesque alpine village on the slopes. Whatever you may picture, if you're looking to get inspired by the people, culture, and destinations that make up France- look no further than these 10 photographers. Whether these France-based photographers are shooting Shutterstock Custom assignments as contributors, or creating content for their various clients around the world- our team continues to be inspired by the impeccable work they create. Check out their impeccable work below.


Juan’s photographs of Paris are some of the most awe-inspiring city photographs we’ve seen in a while. His use of light to capture and highlight Paris’ undeniable beauty always makes our team want to pack our bags for a Parisian adventure immediately. 

Irma Notorahardjo

Fashion photographer Irma is a style force to be reckoned with. The beauty she captures in every subject she photographs takes our breath away, and always leaves viewers wanting more. Through her lens, she highlights the beauty of Paris and the people that inhabit the city. 


Shooting at night can be a challenge, and if you’re trying to get inspired to make more night photography shoots- look no further than Raphael’s images for nighttime inspiration. Whether he’s creating light trails or photographing the city’s sparkling glow, his images make you want to shoot all day and all night long. 


Scander’s artistic urban vibe continues to inspire our team with his unique ability to capture any subject so powerfully. His travels frequent him between Paris and Tokyo, giving his work a rare perspective that always impresses. 


Originally from Canada, Phil lives in now based in the beautiful seaside town of Biarritz, known for its surfing and popular beaches. His photographs are inspired by his travels, and he brings his worldly eye to capture destinations around the globe.

Jiang Wei

If you’re looking to get better at shooting black and white photography, or improving your use of shadows and light- get inspired by Jiang’s work. She is a master at manipulating the environment to capture her subjects complete beauty and raw editorial style that inspires her audience.


Although Celine is a French wedding photographer, she travels around the world with her work creating romantic portraits of the couples she shoots globally. Her use of natural light and almost fairytale like edits will make your jaw drop.

Fedor Gnetkov

A glance at a portrait by Fedor will surely leave you in awe with its beauty. He captures his subjects with such raw intensity, it can be hard to look away. His outstanding editorial work is stunning, get ready to never stop scrolling his feed through his inspiring visuals and unique video portraiture.

Alena Torgonskaya

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Alena truly brings everything she photographs to life. Her latest venture, she co-founded Apéro à Paris, is a beauru of inspiration based in Paris that promises to creatively inspire you with highlights of the city.


Whether Charlotte is shooting fashion or lifestyle imagery on her various escapades around the globe, we're incredibly inspired by her photographs and the feeling of instant wanderlust they give us. Her natural-light portraiture is some of our favourite work out there, check out her instagram to be instantly blown away. 

We're hope you are as inspired by these 10 photographers in France as we are. Have any other photographers you think would be great Shutterstock Custom contributors? Comment them below so our team can get in touch.

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