Tips on Taking Photographs for Tourism Clients


Visual storytelling is a key aspect for every marketing strategy, however producing captivating content is pivotal for tourism and travel brands. A tourism and travel brand's look and feel relies largely on the photography and videography that it showcases to attract travellers to that destination. Photographs displayed online and through social media need to captivating and aspirational, inspiring a traveller to go there above anywhere else. Understanding how to create professional imagery that creates the “I need to visit that place right now” feeling for potential travellers is the first step to booking tourism client work. 


Our tourism and travel clients are looking to our contributors to create authentic custom content that immerses potential travellers into that moment, and leaves them booking a plane ticket on the spot. We’re sharing our top tips on how to take beautiful imagery that’s a perfect fit for tourism and travel clients. Here are some tips you need to know before your next travel and tourism shoot. 


Immerse the viewer into the moment

“That could be me.” It’s the feeling that all tourism and travel clients want travellers to feel when they come across their images. Creating that conversation when you are showcasing a destination is the first step to attracting an audience to the content you create. Including a human element in your photographs is a fantastic way to do this, allowing the viewer to imagine that they could be in that moment. By creating a lifestyle scene that shows the models enjoying the environment you are shooting in, you form a genuine connection with an audience that would enjoy being in that moment. This type of content is never going to happen if you’re model is standing centre of the frame, staring at the camera. Instead, frame your model enjoying the moment. Walking through a cobblestone alleyway in France, mid-laugh enjoying the moment of travel. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?


Capture authentic emotions

Tourism content needs a strong emotional pull- something that stops the viewer in their tracks through a genuine capture of a moment. Expressing genuine joy through the moment captured on lens is the perfect way to do this. Viewers are smart, and can see when a moment is contrived for a photograph. Take the extra step, and have fun when you are shooting the scene. Instead of posing in front of a Ferris wheel, hop on it and shoot during the ride and afterwards. When the models you are shooting get to genuinely experience the situation you are trying to photograph, you’ll naturally be able to capture it in your frame.


Focus on the environment first, then the models

The environment and area that you are shooting in should be the focal-point for most of your images, with people experiencing that environment. Ensure that the models are on-brand to the client that you are shooting for. For example, if you are shooting social content for a student travel company, you should ensure the models you select are within the age range of the brand’s target audience. You want to work with the models to take your audience through the enjoyment of the environment or place you are shooting in by using real-life compositions of the model enjoying the location.


Shoot at the best time of the day

Typical postcard images are a thing of the past. No longer are people looking for bright sunny days with a picture perfect environment. People are looking for lived-in, authentic imagery that highlights how a destination truly looks like. A lot of these real-life moments are best captured during golden hour, where the sun can highlight the environment and subject beautifully creating an inspirational mood and location. Be creative when you are shooting, back-lighting your subject or partially concealing them in a certain part of the frame. Photography rules have changed, but shooting when the light is at its best should always be your priority.

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We hope these tips help you on your next tourism and travel assignment. For more tips on shooting while traveling, check out this blog post. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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Images: Jordan Dyck