How to use Pinterest as a photographer


As photographers and videographers, you share your work on a variety of social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr etc. You’re goal is to not only showcase your client work, but also to attract more clients through your portfolio.

So, should you be on Pinterest?

Photographers globally are using this image-based platform to market their work and expand their reach. Photographers can gain greater exposure, more website and blog traffic, and potential new clients by pinning photos, videos or articles they create.


Tips on Using Pinterest as a Photographer

  1. Organize your product offerings

    Create a separate pin board for each product offering you do as a photographer, and organize by session type. If you’re a lifestyle photographer, start organizing your photos into boards with labels such as newborn, family, engagement, and wedding sessions. That way, when a client is looking to book you for a specific session- you can access your Pinterest board and easily share the Pinterest board that correspond to the type of session they are interested in hiring you for. This encourages them to share and pin the board on their own Pinterest, spearheading your growth on the platform.
  2. Build your brand recognition

    Encourage your audience on other platforms to start pinning your work on Pinterest to promote your growth and engagement. Similar to other social media platforms, every time a user “pins” your work, they spread your name to their audience.

  3. Increase views on your website

    By putting your photographs on Pinterest, you encourage others to click on the images and be brought to your website to see your full portfolio. You can pin a collage of multiple images, and let it act as a preview to content that’s in full view on your website.

  4. Create a Pinterest Business Account

    Creating a Pinterest business account will give you the ability to track popular boards. Why is this important photographers? Because then you can track and analyze how popular different parts of your work is. For example, while you may be a focused wedding photographer- you might see through Pinterest that your work in family portraits is more popular and shareable. This could help you prioritize your product offering better.

  5. And finally, use Pinterest to get inspired!

    Pinterest is a fantastic tool to use for research and inspiration. Use it as a visual storyboard for future ideas, campaigns, and projects you’re aspiring to shoot. Catalogue any creative techniques you find for future learnings. Find other photographers work on Pinterest and start fostering a community with like-minded photographers to spur ideas between.

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We're on Pinterest!

Though Pinterest can be intimidating for photographers, or maybe even you thought useless, it’s a social network tool you should add to your business strategy. Although it may not be the best social platform to share your work on, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your work to your clients in an easy, shareable format.

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