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The visual community is thriving. There are established photographers, videographers, artists and passionate content creators coming together and seeking to inspire, and share their stories with the world. The key to the photography and videography communities recent growth; is through forming meaningful, authentic connections within the industry. A pivotal platform for doing this is Instagram. What makes photographers have successful, organic growth is a genuine connection of a community both on and off the platform. Communities that are started based on passion and interest with thought-provoking leaders who are excited about sharing stories with a like-minded community, are the answer.

 Here are a few examples of excellent creative community's worth mentioning.

Hashtag Authentic, a podcast by Sara Tasker

A podcast for creatives created by Sara Tasker (the photographer behind this breathtaking Instagram feed), Hashtag Authentic is a weekly podcast exploring the secrets to online success for creatives. Need an expert opinion? Sara has an online tribe of over 150k who engage with what she creates because her voice is authentic and true.


VSCO is a photography platform that exists for creatives to create, edit, and share visual stories. The company states that it’s a “place where all of us can simply be who we are - a place to chronicle our lives and share our thoughts - a global community for expression.” They have strict community guidelines that aim to foster a community based on global respect for different cultures, perspectives and values through photography.

Tinker Podcast with Tyson Wheatley

The Tinker Street podcast and it’s host, talented photographer Tyson Wheatley tackle conversations about artists creative process and how creators seek inspiration through their work and surroundings. Featuring some incredibly talented influencers, artists and creators- the podcast is a great view into a beautifully curated community.

#MyTinyAtlas by Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Tiny Atlas Quarterly was founded in 2012 as an extension of the founders work as professional photographers and content creators to share the places they loved travelling. The hashtag #MyTinyAtlas was picked up by the creative community on Instagram, and to date has over 3 million photographs added to it. It’s connected a global world of photographers seeking inspiration on the app, sharing moments and experiences from every corner of the earth.


If you’re not on Instagram- FStoppers is a fantastic online community filled with countless articles aimed at educating and inspiring creative professionals. Not only does the site have some incredibly helpful photography tips and tricks, they have an awesome Community section that highlights different photography and videography groups and styles where you can discuss your craft, share your work, and receive feedback from other community members.

At Shutterstock Custom, we've formed the #MyCustomView community! Our entire Instagram is made from our creatives incredible work off our platform, highlighting and connecting our community around the globe full of inspirational photographers, videographers, and content creators. 

Online communities and podcasts are fantastic resources for education, tips and resources to bounce ideas back and forth on. Fostering a community on Instagram can inspire you, and lead to future opportunities within that community through the connections you create. One of the most important things we value at Shutterstock Custom is our creatives community. We have dedicated team members in place to foster our creatives growth and provide them with opportunities to collaborate with us, creating inspiring work for our brands. Photography is an art that’s best shared. What better place to start than sharing it with a community that’s just as passionate as you are?

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