7 Amazing Photographers in Europe You Need to Follow


Photographers have the unique ability to take us to incredible destinations and moments from around the world, giving us a glimpse into a different life. Here at Shutterstock Custom, we absolutely love highlighting the extremely talented photographers who make up who we are, and these seven photographers from all around Europe are no different. Here are seven creatives who are constantly taking our breath away through the visual imagery they create as contributors at Shutterstock Custom, and in their everyday work.

Hans Geel

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Instagram: @hans.geel

Hans is an extremely talented food and beverage photographer based out of Barcelona who constantly inspires our team with the creativity he implodes in his work. Whether he’s creating stunning visuals, styling flat-lays or taking product-focused imagery, his work is always impeccable. Working with Hans, you know you’ll be given the top quality of work possible.

Scander Aidoudi

Location: Paris, France
Instagram: @scander9

Based in France but a frequent traveller to Japan, Scander’s images have a breathtaking sense of life to them. Whether he’s taking portraits, photographing events, or patrolling the streets with his camera- he captures his subjects with stunning light and color, giving you a glimpse into the emotions of that moment captured.

Sierra Pruitt

Location: London, UK
Instagram: @sierrapruitt

Every image that Sierra creates tells it’s own visual story, and through the movement she captures you become instantly transfixed, similar to the way you would when watching a beautiful film. Her inspired use of light, movement, and simplistic props allow her to fully capture her subjects, and gives each photograph it’s own personality. It’s truly a pleasure to see the work Sierra creates.

Tim Ruivo

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Instagram: @timtimruivo

Portugal-based Tim is a traveller. Constantly inspired by his surroundings and always seeking new and interesting locales around the world- his imagery gives our team the urge to pack our bags, and hit the road on a new adventure. The talented photographer is a dream to work with, a complete professional no matter where he’s working from, and we love having him as a part of our Contributor network. 

Lucy Foster

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Instagram: @lucyfosterphoto

Lucy captures the diverse Dublin music scene with such raw intensity that you can almost feel the sounds through her imagery. Her documentary style photographs of her subjects give you a peek into their lives, and transport you for a moment into that captured time. Whether she’s creating lifestyle work for Shutterstock Custom assignments, or capturing musical artists in all their glory, her work always energizes our team.

Jens Ihnken

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Instagram: @ihnken_jens

Jens is an extremely talented portrait and fashion photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. He captures his images with the sharp expertise that are direct skills he’s developed as an industry veteran. Whether he’s shooting in-studio or on-location, Jens produces impeccable work that’s positioned him as one of the top photographers in our network.

Sofia Plana

Location: London, UK
Instagram: @sofiaplanaphotography

Through her delectable food photography, Sofia captures each product and food item with absolute perfection and constantly leaves our whole team hungry after viewing her images. Her styling work is absolutely stunning, and her product work perfectly captures the essence of every Shutterstock Custom client that she shoots for. We can’t wait to see what she creates next. 

We are absolutely blown away by the incredible work that the photographers and videographers on our network continue to create. These featured industry experts are just a few of the amazing photographers in Europe that work with us, and we hope that you are just as inspired by their visuals as we are.

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