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Welcome to the Nespresso Contributor Training Program

We can't wait for you to shoot Nespresso assignments. 
Please follow the site below to complete the 20 minute training program.


Steps to Complete Program

  1. Watch Video 1: Brand Overview
  2. Watch Video 2: Recipe Building & Preparing for your shoot
  3. Watch Video 3: Completing the Perfect Assignment
  4. Complete the Training Program Quiz
    Reference the Assignment Guideline and Recipe Guideline you received in your email

Once you've completed the quiz, your Project Coordinator will get in touch to let you know your results. 

Step 1: Watch Brand Overview Video

Step 2: Watch Recipe Building Video

Step 3: Watch Completing the
Perfect Assignment Video

Final Step: Complete the Training Program Quiz


You have now completed the Contributor Training Program

Your Project Coordinator will be in touch with you on results and next steps.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program,
please contact the Contributor Education Lead Jordan Dyck at jdyck@shutterstock.com
Thank you!

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