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Welcome to the Chipotle Contributor Training Program


This training program was developed to increase your opportunities to shoot with Chipotle.
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About the Training Program

The Contributor Training Program provides contributors the knowledge and tools to style, compose and shoot on-brand photographs for our clients. Each of our brands has Contributor Rosters, and once on these rosters, contributors have the potential to have increased opportunities with specific brands. The Contributor Training Program goes through a four step process designed to help you succeed in your Shutterstock Custom assignments; Prep, Styling, Shoot and Post.

*The training program takes 15 minutes to complete, followed by a brief exam.

You'll learn

  • Pre-production tools and techniques
    • How to prep and style Chipotle food to make them look their best before your shoot. 
  • Assignment-specific tricks and tips
    • Best practices to shoot food items, incorporate props, and utilize angles when shooting for a lifestyle or product-hero Chipotle assignment.
  • Post-production team
    • How Shutterstock Custom and Chipotle work together to make your photographs work for Chipotle’s channel, and what post-production we expect from you.

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